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1,800 Miles, 9 States, 2 Kids and 1 Amazing Summer Road Trip!

It was the last week before school started, and we had no plans which is never a good thing when you have small kids. No summer camp, swim lessons, nothing. I figured why not hit the road? My sister in law had recently moved to Pennsylvania and was having her baby shower the following weekend. We left Sunday morning and drove for about 13 hours to get to our hotel in Maryland right off the Beltway. The girls were excellent traveling companions. We only had to stop three times, and all were food/gas stops except for one minor baby meltdown at the North Carolina/South Carolina state line. I won’t even talk about the God AWFUL traffic that seems to be everywhere at anytime from basically Richmond on up, but I will say I think there is a special place in you know where for people that think the left lane is the slow lane.

Best way to break in a new car is a 1,800 mile road trip, right?!?!

Google Maps

On day two I navigated the Metro (hello new Silver line train on opening day) with the girls and hit up some of the Smithsonian and the Mall. We were able to see the Smithsonian Castle,  Natural History and American History, as well as meet up with the awesome Jennifer Nobriga and her family (if you haven’t checked out Jennifer’s work before you are missing out! Trust me go “like” her page now, you won’t be sorry…Jennifer Nobriga Photography) We caught the Metro train and were back on the road to my sister in law’s by 3:00pm!

Washington, DC


Harper has a thing for Okapis and jewelry.

I am not going to lie, the two long days caught up with me at this point. There was a much needed day of rest before we went to Philly. As it often happens when traveling with small kids we saw the outside of a lot of great places from our bus seat, but hey we still had fun! We went to the Please Touch Museum and Reading Terminal Market. Both were great fun, but man does the Reading Terminal Market get PACKED!

Philadelphia, PA



Lancaster county was our next destination. The closest thing I had come to seeing or knowing anything about the Amish was from the movie The Witness and TLC’s Amish Mafia. We first went to Intercourse, PA and then Bird In Hand, PA. The towns were fairly touristy, but we took to the back roads for about an hour taking in the amazing scenery and Amish farms. The entire lifestyle was extremely interesting. We saw several buggies which Harper called “trolleys” every.single.time no matter how many times I corrected her. We also made a stop at the doll outlet. Be glad there were “NO PHOTOGRAPHY” signs,  because it was creepy. Very creepy!

Lancaster County, PA


We stayed in Kennet Square which apparently is the “Mushroom Capital.” It is a great little place with lots of antique stores to check out. My sister in law also took me to the King of Prussia Mall. Now that is a big mall, like drive around to different parts ’cause it is so big kind of mall.

Kennet Square, PA


After my sister in law’s baby shower we hit the road to head back to Georgia. We drove through the Shenandoah Valley which was AMAZING. Sadly the girls were asleep, and one big rule of road tripping with two small kids is you NEVER stop when your kids are sleeping, like limit your fluid intake because you are will not wake up your kids to stop for a  bathroom! So no photos, but trust me if you are ever that way take the time to check it out. We stayed overnight in Winchester, VA since my mother in law was already there visiting family. Then the next morning at 4:00 AM we hit the road via I-81 through the Blue Ridge Mountains. I am so happy we went home this way since it was gorgeous! The only bad part was we missed a lot of the scenery since it was still dark out. We made it home around 3:30pm and then promptly had Kindergarten verification and meet the teacher at 5:00pm.


We had an AMAZING 8 day trip. We went to or drove through Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Although, I am a bit annoyed at myself that I didn’t take the 15 minute detour to New Jersey when I had the chance. I just know I could have run into a Housewife or Jersey Belle!


I am so lucky my girls are such great travelers, and I am so thankful to the Platz’s family for letting us stay with them for the week. It was such a fun trip with so many great memories. The added bonus is my husband had 8, count the 8, whole days without any kids. Basically he now owes me big time! I will have to think really hard on how I will cash this one in. Suggestions welcome 😉

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