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Well we made it to Clarksville, TN. I think this may go down as our worst move yet. As my husband explained to his boss, “well, have you ever had a move where your movers showered at your house?” In case you are wondering the answer to this question should be no. Somehow in the land of Army PCS moves it took a week to move our household goods 5.5 hours away. A winter storm hit within a couple hours of the truck arriving, and it took our movers till 1 AM to finish unloading the truck. Having all the doors open in my home while it was raining and then snowing for 12 hours was a fun experience. The moving truck was stuck at the end of the street for two days since they couldn’t make it through the ice. We got to know our movers very well since they stayed with us on and off for 48 hours. Harper was out of school for 2.5 days due to the snow. Oh but wait the following week was spring break! I am not going to lie by the end of spring break I was about to break.

Thankfully life and the weather has calmed down, and 99.9% of the boxes are unpacked. Darby has decided to start acting like a two year old, oh joy! This has included demanding to sleep in a BED during naptimes, and basically ignoring everything I tell her to do while repeatedly saying NO to me. Good times.

Below are some on the sights we have found while attempting not to get lost in our new town. I threw in a little, and I mean little, baby bum for good measure. Don’t forget to follow the link at the bottom (pun intended) for more GREEN photos from my neighbor in Kentucky, Carla of Carla Thompson Photography.


Now please check out what my good friend Carla has been up to here, and don’t forget to like her page Carla Thompson Photography.

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  • Jana

    I hope you got yourself a big case of wine after that move <3 Beautiful green shots, and I love all the shapes you captured in your shots! My favourite is still the baby bum though lol!ReplyCancel

  • Dinah, great shots this month! Love that last one especially!! Glad you’re settling in and the move is behind you.ReplyCancel

  • You have such a creative eye, Dinah!!! Another fabulous month! hope you are enjoying Clarksville!!ReplyCancel

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